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Snapshot: Cheers

Tomorrow I am heading down south to Puerto Rico to close out the summer, and as I finish packing my mind keeps wandering to a very special trip last summer. As summer of 2014 rolled around, a group of friends and I headed to Valle de Bravo where a friend has a vacation home. The excitement built up over the cold winter, and when the plane landed the cabin rushed with exotic air, tingling my senses with the spices of adventure that laid ahead. We spent the days drinking pool side, exploring the back country on horse back, and eating our way through the local markets guided expertly by my friend. On one of the last days we aimlessly wandered around the town, when suddenly we found ourselves at the waters edge right before sunset – with a case of beer in hand – naturally. As we continued to stroll, our path led us with ease straight onto a waiting boat – no negotiation needed – where we spent the evening cruising into the sunset as merengue music played from my small travel speaker. in the background. Nothing in life seemed more perfect then that moment, and it’s one I like to reflect back on often. Sometimes life aligns, where the people you love all come together for one adventure.
Stepping into an alternate culture makes you vulnerable to the unknown, and the unexpected tastes sweeter. The days of our trip all blurred together in a beautiful symphony, and set a high precedent for what summer would entail. This last years summer has been one of joy and excitement, and I am ready to cap it off with another adventure. I look forward to reporting back on the ins and outs of Puerto Rico … but until then I want to leave you with a Cheers 🙂

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  1. Carolyn Sellmeyer says

    Very well written Barbie! Loved what you writing had to say in a very meaningful way.

    Wish I could write as well as you do! Have a great time in Puerto Rico can’t wait to read your blog on the your end of summer adventure!

    Love you- mom

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