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Snapshot: Never Forget


I would like to inject a moment of everyone’s time for a moment of remembrance. A moment where we put away our daily burdens, and remember the many lives we lost 14 years ago. 
Three weeks following the attacks I was able to go down to the site and look directly at the devastation. There was such a sense of emptiness, loss unexplained, a feeling I’ll never forget. 9-11 impacted all of us as a nation, and the heroes and lives we lost that day. The rebuilding of not only Ground Zero, the city and our country is so powerful, and the emerging generosity of human beings as people has proven again this is the greatest nation in the world! 
I want to take a moment to remember, but to also be thankful for the wonderful opportunity of being part of such a great nation. Please join me in taking a moment of silence for those who were lost, and a moment to voice your thankfulness for the loved ones in your life. 

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  1. Carolyn Sellmeyer says

    Very well written Barbie! You are an amazing young lady- with such remarkable values. Only wish more people had the feelings and insight as you do.

    Love you- mom

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