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Hello 2016!

Another year has passed with more wonderful memories. I write this from my 9 hour flight home from Munich, Germany following 16 days of travel. During the past two weeks I crossed the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans twice, visited three states and two countries, spent a sleepless night in the LA airport, dipped my toes in the water of the most Northern shore of Kauai and rung in the New Year watching fireworks burst high in the sky over the Austrian Alps with my family. Needless to say I am still up to the Sellmeyer habit of chasing planes all over the world – and by chasing I mean sprinting and re-routing my travels as a devoted standby. This last year I was lucky to spend most of my travels visiting family – creating new memories flying the back country of Idaho with my uncle, navigating the wild streets of Shanghai with my parents, and driving the autobahn with my brother. In between my travels – I still reside in New York out of my shoebox apartment, enjoying BBQ’s in the courtyard on the sunny summer days and a few glasses of wine with my roommate … really any night of the week! This November I celebrated three years living in New York, and I’m still amazed that the city can continue to surprise me with what it has to offer.

Looking forward to another year, I’m happy to reflect back and realize I am still doing a lot of the things I love, picking back up old passions, and trying new things. When I think of what a New Year has to offer, I generally don’t follow the mantra “this one will be my best year yet,” as you truly never know how things may unfold. Alternatively I strive to look at each day, and think of how I can make this the most meaningful day and build my year from 365 pieces. I never know what adventure awaits me, but I pledge to make everyday the best whether it is at home or half way across the world, and I hope that you do too!

Wishing you a wonderful 2016, and thank you for Floating Fearlessly with me 🙂



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