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First Day of Spring

Yesterday was the first day of spring, and small flurries have been teasing the North East following the first blooming of cherry blossoms last week.

This winter season has had its highs and lows, in metric terms that is, jumping all over the temperature scale. One weekend would require a full parka and snow boots, followed by one allowing for light jackets and dainty heels. The season this year was defined by one large storm that hit the Northeast on January 22, taking the bronze medal as the third-largest single snowstorm measured since the city’s record-keeping began in 1869.

During the years I lived in the city I learned that if you are going to be snowed in, there is no better place to be than NYC. It’s a spectacle to see the roads closed down and people walking about freely, hopping from bar to bar and enjoying long meals with friends, with nowhere to go and not a care in the world. On January 22, my day was spent with friends cooking several meals, playing in the snow, visiting  local bars in our neighborhood and enjoying hot toddies during a movie to top it all off. As I look out my window today, reminiscing about that particular day, I can’t help but wish there were another snow-filled adventure waiting outside my door.



  1. Bill Sellmeyer says

    You’re up early. Looks lie winter just didn’t want to quick in the NE this weekend. Have a spectacular 2nd week at Marriott. Love you and soooooo proud of you. Dad


  2. Carolyn Selmeyer says

    Nice Barbie! Was there suppose to be some pictures attached to it? >


  3. Patsy Loveland says

    Wishing you all the best and success in DC (area). John and family are so happy to have you close by. Love you, Aunt patsy


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