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When I think of the Fourth of July, a few things come to mind:

Family & friends

Leading up to the holiday our group of friends planned to meet in Hartwood. Outside of the aforementioned elements to the perfect Fourth, Hartwood slates itself as a special place. Combining all of this together only added to the excitement as the weekend approached.

Hartwood is in New York state and a five hour drive from Maryland. We hit the road before sun rise, chasing the sun north on the highway  as the lush hills and small towns passed us by. There is no cell service once you turn onto the road leading up to Hartwood, automatically making you leave all of your work e-mails and other stress behind. The days were spent hiking the surrounding forest, and lounging in the sun on the shores of the central lake. The evenings filled with good drinks, food, friends and worldly conversations. The community celebrates the Fourth by coming together for a BBQ and a patriotic desert contest before a spectacular private fireworks show.

The weekend had all of the ingredients to having a perfect Fourth, and the added dynamics of our group added that extra special layer. I celebrated amongst traveled friends, with majority having grown up outside of the US, while the rest (including myself) have lived for extended periods of time abroad. This weekend brought us all together to celebrate in unity, the wonderful freedom we are lucky enough to have to enjoy times like these. Here is a look back to our weekend, and wishing you had a wonderful Fourth!


Video by: Barbie Sellmeyer

Music by:
Sunshine by POWERS
Find a Way (feat Guitk) by Mokoa & Alex Brandt










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