I used to love to write, keep journals about my travels and beyond … and then one day it stopped. Not sure if I ever stopped loving it, or I became too busy. Writing became about essays and dissertations for school, then e-mails to clients and bosses for work. Long form turned to short form texts, everything was abbreviated, life was feeling abbreviated. Too many memories were happening that my stories were becoming mixed up, they were happening too fast to keep up with that I stopped recording.

Everyone has a unique view on life, and the older I get (who am I kidding, I’m quite young), the more I start to tune into how my past experiences are really starting to shape how I view the world. Do I know what I want? No, but I feel the more I tune into this the sooner I will find out. Or maybe, I’ll just keep Floating Fearlessly, not ever truly knowing, welcoming every new adventurer or opportunity. And I’m fine with that to. I want to open myself up to the world, and not let life be abbreviated, it’s too short for that. One day I want to look back on my adventures, my thoughts, and remember what was going on at that time in my life. Simultaneously I want to share my travels, past stories, views, anything that might inspire you to sit down and take the time to write someone a postcard about a new moment in your life that you want to share. I’m excited for this literary adventure, and I hope you enjoy Floating Fearlessly with me!


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  1. Cynthia Starr says

    Hi Barbie, I check on the blog every so often. We just saw your parents for a few minutes last night after they landed in IAH. We are on our way to South America on a cruise.:):)
    Heard all about your move to MD, new job, new roommate. Loving your new digs. So happy for you & the way you enjoy life each and every day. All the best to all the new things that have happen. Enjoy all life has to offer. Even a new car. WOW! More fun!
    Love Cynthia & Charlie 😘🍀💚❤️


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