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Snapshot: Never Forget

  I would like to inject a moment of everyone’s time for a moment of remembrance. A moment where we put away our daily burdens, and remember the many lives we lost 14 years ago.    Three weeks following the attacks I was able to go down to the site and look directly at the devastation. There was such a sense of emptiness, loss unexplained, a feeling I’ll never forget. 9-11 impacted all of us as a nation, and the heroes and lives we lost that day. The rebuilding of not only Ground Zero, the city and our country is so powerful, and the emerging generosity of human beings as people has proven again this is the greatest nation in the world!    I want to take a moment to remember, but to also be thankful for the wonderful opportunity of being part of such a great nation. Please join me in taking a moment of silence for those who were lost, and a moment to voice your thankfulness for the loved ones in your life.  Advertisements

Snapshot: Cheers

Tomorrow I am heading down south to Puerto Rico to close out the summer, and as I finish packing my mind keeps wandering to a very special trip last summer. As summer of 2014 rolled around, a group of friends and I headed to Valle de Bravo where a friend has a vacation home. The excitement built up over the cold winter, and when the plane landed the cabin rushed with exotic air, tingling my senses with the spices of adventure that laid ahead. We spent the days drinking pool side, exploring the back country on horse back, and eating our way through the local markets guided expertly by my friend. On one of the last days we aimlessly wandered around the town, when suddenly we found ourselves at the waters edge right before sunset – with a case of beer in hand – naturally. As we continued to stroll, our path led us with ease straight onto a waiting boat – no negotiation needed – where we spent the evening cruising into the sunset …

Snapshot: Ranch Life

October, 2012 After returning home from living in Thailand and graduating with idy MBA, I was working on landing my first job in NYC while spending some time living at home in Texas with my parents. Every day I cherished what was most likely the last time I would be able to live at home without a care in the world, and took the opportunity to share conversations, dinners and adventures with them. The previous year one of my parents neighbors and good friends had purchased a 3,000 acre ranch South of Abilene in Texas and he invited us to visit during this time to spend a few days at his lodge and roam the land. We piled in our Tahoe with cowboy boots and blue jeans to drive nearly 7 hours from our home outside of Houston across the great state. Of course the drive ranged from a lot of sights – to no sights that overlooked vast empty lands on the drive, and we soaked in every variety of Texan at truck stops along the …