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Late Night Flight

Last night I flew with the moon It was full and bright, surrounded by whispy clouds who danced around its cool warmth  We took off chasing it, straight up into the night sky Shortly after admiring its strength we banked right and lost sight of the moon, who offered the dark sky in its place As we rolled back to the left the ground began to illuminate  And the moon came into sight, shining down with all its glory The plane flew west, as the city lights tickled the bottom of our plane and carried us along Rivers wound their way through the outskirts of the city Eventually widening their mouths to become large expanses of water It shone down reflecting on beautifully calm waters, it’s light hugging the plane from all directions The moon never left our side, guiding our flight to its destination Lighting the way 

Three Years Ago Today

What were you doing last year on this day? Two years ago, three, four … ? It’s easy to make a generalization by month but pinpointing exactly what you were doing on any day is tough to do. This morning I woke up to a beautiful day in NYC, thinking of nothing but the present and what was on my calendar. I logged onto Facebook, and at the very top of my newsfeed was a photo that I posted three years ago. Facebook’s new feature Memories posted a photo of me in SFO airport standing under the terminal sign for HKG – three years ago today I was on the journey to move to Thailand – and the 24 hours following were quite a welcome to say the least. Thailand was somewhere I had visited a few times before with my family, and had taken right away to the culture and vibe of the people. A year after college I was accepted into an MBA program through St. Mary’s in London which allowed students to …

Capturing a New Perspective

We have all seen it, the photograph that signifies “I’m going somewhere else; be jealous.” Yes, you know what I’m  talking about: the picture taken out of an airplane window. It doesn’t vary much in terms of its typical composition – you have the window frame (the window not always being crystal clear), and there is a 70% chance a wing will be in it. It may show  clouds, occasionally a sunset, sometimes an airport. Most people tend to place this photo in the “bragging” or “trendy” bucket and post it as the obligatory “I’m leaving town” photo. Being an avid traveler, I was starting to get sick of pictures like that, but then I noticed that although I’m not generally posting this type of picture to my social media accounts, I was still taking the photo. On a recent flight I was taking snaps out the window and started to reflect on why I (and many others) take this picture. What is the greater significance of it? I came to a few conclusions. First of all …